IWW is a non-profit research institute affiliated with the University of Duisburg-Essen. Six departments carry out basic and applied research covering the entire drinking water supply chain: Water resources management, Water technology, Water networks, Water quality analysis, Applied Microbiology, and Management consulting. Recent projects funded by the EC or national funding bodies are directed to the impact of climate change and risk management, to economic evaluation of technologies and adaptation roadmaps, to integrated water resources management concepts, to flooding prevention for water supply infrastructure, to the development of sustainability indicators and to financing needs of adaptation processes.

Mainly involved in the CeraWater project will be the department ‘water technology’ that deals with novel treatment processes for drinking water, treatment processes for reclamation of used water, maintenance and operation of water supply systems and materials in water-bearing systems. IWW is in charge of two pivotal working packages within the project, one is about process development, assessment and optimising operations while the other one deals with the ecological and economical assessment of the overall process. IWW also takes part in a working package dealing with the use and the dissemination of project results.


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