Lappeenranta University of Technology is specialized in technology and economics. About 5000 students study in the various degree programmes offered by the university, and about 900 new students are admitted each year. There are about 500 postgraduate students, and 1000 members of staff. The most outstanding feature of the university is the way in which it has successfully integrated expertise in technology and economics.
The research of the Department of Chemical Technology (8 Professor, about 60 researcher and post graduate students) has focused on separation processes. The laboratory of Membrane Technology and Technical Polymer Chemistry is the biggest membrane research unit in Finland. Today, the research is directed to three main sectors: (1) membrane manufacturing, modifications and characterization, (2) optimization of separation and filtration process (including on-line monitoring) and (3) membrane separation in biorefineries. In the Cerawater project the LUT focus mostly on evaluation of technical advantages of ceramic membranes in the purification of pulp and paper industry streams and surface water.

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