Rauschert is an independent company with 110 years of experience in the manufacture of both technical ceramic and plastic components for industrial customers. We operate 15 factories worldwide, with ca. 1,300 employees. We are one of the top ten manufacturers in the technical ceramics industry worldwide, focusing on innovative products in niche markets. With a unique set of technical capabilities we are able to offer tailor made solutions for our customers' problems. As a global network of professionals, we are ambitious to build a world-class organization.

Rauschert Kloster Veilsdorf GmbH (RKV) participates in the project. RKV is specialized in the fabrication of technical ceramics. Major products are ceramic membranes, which are sell by inopor GmbH under the brand name inopor®, ceramic heat exchangers and substrates for catalysts (honeycombs).



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