University of Cadiz (UCA) is the southernmost University in Spain. Thanks to its unique location acts as a bridge with North African and South European Universities with which have very good relationships. The Department of Environmental Engineering of University of Cadiz has a long history in Water and Waste Research. It has been qualified by the Andalusian Research Program as Group of Excellence. Researchers of membrane technology have a wide experience with pilot plants of different scales: from some liters/hour until 100m3/day. Their experience allows them to act as consultancy for golf courses, companies, local and regional Water Agencies, etc. In Cerawater Project, UCA will carry out membrane tests with ceramic honeycomb membranes, in real conditions, into the Metropolitan Drinking Water Plant of “El Montañes” (400,000 inhabitants). It will use surface water. The pilot plant (50 m3/day) is unique in the world; it has been developed to test polymeric nanofiltration membranes and it uses renewable energy for its operation, without CO2 emissions, from wind and photovoltaic energy sources. For the use of new honeycomb membranes it will be upgraded. Sustainable combination of new and more efficient ceramic membranes and use of renewable energy open a new horizon in this project.


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