VITO (Flemish Institute for technological research) is a leading independent European research and consulting centre developing sustainable technologies in the area of energy, environment, materials and remote sensing. VITO counts approximately 550 highly qualified employees from diverse specializations and collaborates with research centers, universities, colleges and other European research institutes. In 2010 VITO was counting on a budget of 95 MEuro, with a contribution by contract research of about 50 MEuro. In the present project the Membrane group (part of the Unit Separation and Conversion Technolgy, SCT) will be involved.

The Membrane group has more than 20 years experience in the development and application testing of both polymeric and ceramic membranes, for a broad range of filtrations. The group has the necessary manufacturing and test equipment, in many cases from lab up to pilot scale. The main tasks of VITO in this project are the development of the anti-fouling coating on the ceramic nanofiltration honeycombs, and the evaluation of the anti-fouling coating in view of the different applications envisioned in the project.

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